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Learn How Preppers Make Yeast


Ethical Preparedness Shirts

Knight Templar Crusader tshirts

Great gifts too. 

How to Form Your Own Prepper Group

How to Form Your Own Prepper Group Find Other Preppers


Don't be victimized the 1st time by the criminal and then a 2nd time by the courts!

Whether you have to shoot someone or use pepper spray to protect yourself: the USCCA can pay your bond, provide you with an experienced self defense attorney to fight for you in both criminal and civil court, and also PAY for that attorney. 

Click HERE to check out to see what the USCCA offers: 

About Ethical Preparedness

YouTube Channel

Ethical Preparedness YouTube Channel

Visit my YouTube channel for weekly videos on prepping and self-defense issues. 

Self Defense Legal Help

Self Defense Attorney Self Defense Legal Defense Fund

The USCCA will pay your bail, and also provide you with (and pay for) an experienced attorney to fight for you in court. No matter what weapon you used for self defense. 

(self defense insurance / CCW insurance)

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Ethical Preparedness Store

Find great prepping and survival gear here. 

Taste Test of the Mountain House Scrambled Eggs with Bacon

This video:

Shows how it looks when you first open it

Shows how it cooks

And see how good it tastes!

A Great Grain Mill for the Serious Prepper

See everything that you get with the Wondermill Jr Deluxe grain mill.

After SHTF: you will soon grow tired of the food that you've stockpiled. Having a grain mill will allow you to make bread and also mill other foods down to give you more variety.

A good grain mill like this (I think) is a must for the serious prepper. 

Buy it here:


How to Make Drinkable Water after SHTF:

Prepper Water How to Purify Water After SHTF

Here you'll learn how to simply make dirty filthy water into safe drinking water after the grid goes down. 

Easy Off-Grid Bread

Prepper Bread Off Grid Bread

Learn how to easily make EXCELLENT bread that tastes great (and will be a real morale booster). prepping preparedness

SHTF Video Series

SHTF Story Prepper Story

In this INTERACTIVE video series, you get to "choose your own path" and have the story take you where you want it to take you. 

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